Custom-Designed Wedding Dress

For every woman, the wedding day is one of the most significant moments in life. Therefore, choosing the right wedding dress is not only extremely important but also a wonderful opportunity for brides to shine in their own personality and style.

Understanding this sentiment, Ether Bridal, a wedding dress brand with years of experience, proudly introduces brides to their exclusive custom design service. This service allows brides to own uniquely designed wedding dresses, creating a special place to convey the love of the couple. Let’s explore the benefits and considerations when opting for a custom-designed wedding dress, as well as the hottest wedding dress design trends today.


Benefits of Choosing a Custom Designed Wedding Dress

1. Tailored to Each Bride’s Body Shape

Every woman has a unique body shape. Off-the-rack wedding dresses are designed based on standard measurements, which might not always be comfortable for every bride. Moreover, brides with non-standard measurements might struggle to find a dress that fits them well. This can lead to discomfort and a lack of confidence.

With a custom-designed wedding dress, the designer will take direct measurements of the bride’s body. This ensures that the dress will fit the bride’s body shape perfectly, making her feel confident and radiant on her special day. Designing a dress specifically for the bride also helps to hide any undesired flaws.

With a custom-designed wedding dress, the designer will take direct measurements of the bride’s body. This ensures that the dress will fit the bride’s body shape perfectly, making her feel confident and radiant on her special day. Designing a dress specifically for the bride also helps to hide any undesired flaws.

2. Embrace Individuality with an Exclusive Wedding Dress

A custom-designed wedding dress is created according to the bride’s measurements, making it a perfect fit for her. With a custom-designed dress, the bride becomes one-of-a-kind, shining in her own way with exquisite design details, alluring cuts, and sparkling embellishments.

Furthermore, custom-designed dresses incorporate premium materials and luxurious accessories. The intricate detailing is done by hand on every aspect of the dress. This makes the bride stand out gracefully and exude sophistication.

3. Fulfill Your Dream Wedding Dress

On the most important day, having a wedding dress that reflects your personal style and character is a dream for every bride. Imagine being able to decide on every design detail, from the silhouette to the embellishments, and creating your dream wedding dress from scratch.

Each wedding dress is a manifestation of dreams and a unique story for every bride. Therefore, a custom-designed wedding dress is not just an outfit; it’s a way for the bride to embody the protagonist of her own life story and love story.

The wedding dress design from the Scabiosa Collection 2023
Explore BST Scabiosa Collection 2023

4. Preserving Memories

A custom-designed wedding dress can be returned to the store or kept by the bride as a memento of the happiest day of her life. Looking back, the bride will smile with happiness and remember the memories of the wedding day and the meaningful moments shared with her partner.  

Why Custom Designed Wedding Dresses Cost More than Rentals?

Considering the aforementioned benefits, it’s understandable that there’s a significant price difference between custom-designed and rental wedding dresses. Custom-designed dresses involve direct communication between the bride and the designer. The dress is tailored to fit the bride’s body shape and preferences perfectly. Therefore, brides need to invest a certain amount in these unique creations. Additionally, the cost depends on the choice of materials, design complexity, and accompanying accessories.

A personally designed wedding dress - Crafting the bride's dream

Considerations When Choosing a Custom Designed Wedding Dress

1. Set Your Wedding Dress Budget

Budget is always a concern during wedding preparations. How much should you allocate to own a custom-designed wedding dress? There’s no fixed rule for the budget of a custom-designed dress. It’s certain that such dresses will cost more than rentals. On average, designing a wedding dress can range from 25 to 50 million VND, and sometimes up to 100 million VND. 

The cost varies based on the style, material, design complexity, and accessories. Couples can choose a budget that fits their financial situation. If you have a generous budget, you can indulge in creating your dream wedding dress. For those with a tighter budget, simpler yet elegant designs, such as the Minimalist line at Ether Bridal, might be the ideal choice.

2. Choose the Dress Style and Color

No one understands your body better than you do. Share your preferences and body shape with the designer to determine the suitable dress form that will make you confident and radiant on the wedding day. Additionally, the choice of color is another significant consideration. Alongside traditional colors like white and red, modern brides can opt for various shades such as pastels, nude, pink, and gold… By harmonizing these elements, the bride will become a work of art, confident and perfect, captivating the groom’s affection for a lifetime.

The Ether Bridal team is the ideal companion for every bride
The Ether Bridal team is every bride’s companion

3. Timeframe for Dress Design

To have a dream-like wedding dress, brides should plan to start the design process about 3 to 4 months before the wedding. This allows ample time for adjustments and thorough preparation. However, don’t set the design process too early (around 8 months ahead) to avoid changes in measurements. During this period, designers will collaborate with brides on ideas, material and color selection, style, embellishments, measurements, and adjustments, leading to the completion of the dress.

4. Embrace Your Unique Style

Each bride has her own unique style that makes her shine. Before ordering a custom-designed wedding dress for the most significant occasion, take the time to explore and discover styles that resonate with you. This way, you can stand out without feeling constrained by expressing your true self.

Ether Bridal’s own design service

At Ether Bridal, we understand that each bride is a unique individual with desires and aspirations regarding her wedding attire. We believe that the bride’s desire for the perfect wedding dress goes beyond choosing from existing collections; it’s an opportunity for her to own a fashion masterpiece that reflects her dreams and personality.

With our custom design service, the Ether Bridal team is dedicated and professional, from consultation to design. We ensure that each wedding dress created is one-of-a-kind. Backed by extensive experience in the fashion industry and a profound understanding of design trends, the Ether Bridal design team will inspire and accompany you in creating your dream wedding dress. Let Ether Bridal be your reliable partner on the journey of choosing and designing your unique wedding dress.

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