With over 7 years of experience in wedding photography and professional Photoshop techniques, KHOANGUYEN STUDIOS has collaborated with thousands of couples.

Following the Minimalism Style, also known as Minimalist Wedding, KHOANGUYEN STUDIOS is favored by a majority of couples for its gentle, sophisticated, yet elegantly romantic and sweet essence.

The Minimalist Wedding style not only saves you time, costs, and effort, but more importantly, it creates a wedding photo album that never goes out of style.

As wedding photos are lifetime keepsakes, the minimalist choice attains a higher aesthetic value, transcending the passage of time.

Hence, KhoaNguyen Studios has embraced a refined, minimalist, yet luxurious taste, with subtle and refreshing hues. Notably, the exclusive color palette of each photo is personally designed by Khoa Nguyễn himself, ensuring our products consistently leave a distinct impression on viewers.

Minimalism goes beyond mere elegance and understated grace; KhoaNguyen Studios continues to innovate with novel and groundbreaking layouts, delivering products that exude opulence and sophistication to our clients.

Setting aside intricate backdrops and vibrant backgrounds, KhoaNguyen Studios opts for exclusive neutral color schemes that enhance the bride’s elegance and sophistication, as well as the groom’s refinement, resulting in a uniquely captivating allure in the photographs.

The photo collection harmoniously combines space, time, attire, and makeup layouts that never go out of fashion, drawing inspiration from both classical and contemporary color palettes.


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