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Ether Bridal specializes in providing available sample tailoring services

With the motto “Your bright smile is our happiness”, the Ether Bridal team is always researching and researching to bring the elegant wedding dresses in Danang for the bride.

In addition, Ether is very “indulgent” for brides, if she wants to design her own wedding dress, Ether Bridal provides an available sample tailoring service. With the tailor-made service available at Ether Bridal store, there are 7 professional steps as follows:

Step 1: Consult the dress style suitable for the bride’s body shape

First, we will listen, share, the bride’s wishes for the wedding dress for the big day. This is the most important step in the process of designing the perfect wedding dress. Ether understands that each bride has a unique shape and style, the staff will take measurements of 3 rounds, height, weight and advise on the most suitable wedding models, to enhance the figure and cover. Take away the flaws so that the girls can be confident and shine the brightest on the big day.

Step 2: Choose the material and pattern attached to the dress wedding

Each girl will have her own preferences and style, from which Ether will advise and choose high-quality materials and patterns on the dress, giving them a beautiful and classy wedding dress. If she likes subtle simplicity, she only needs a smooth, dreamy silk dress, and if she likes luxury and elegance, choose outstanding stone patterns or delicate lace materials luxury ladylike.

If the bride has a chubby body, she should choose minimalistic patterns, the skirt design has a fluttering and slender spread along with soft materials that will create a feeling of lightness and comfort for her. .

Step 3: Send the wedding dress color chart to the bride and assist in choosing the right color

As time goes on, brides today prefer simple, sophisticated and pure style wedding dresses. And the color of the dress will match the skin tone, space and place of the wedding party. Ether is currently aiming and going in the style of minimalism, elegance and luxury.

Currently at Ether Bridal store most dresses are 99% white or ivory. White and ivory colors bring pure beauty, elegance, and enhance the natural figure of the bride.

Step 4: Taking Bride’s mesurements

To make sure the wedding dress is the best fit for the bride, Ether will measure the bride’s details. Ether Bridal’s team of professional tailors will ensure that every detail is precise, meticulous, ensuring that the wedding dress will fit her figure, making her feel comfortable and confident when wearing the wedding dress mine.

Ether’s staff assist the bride in taking measurements

Step 5: The tailor team will start cutting the fabric, measuring and finishing the finished product

Once the bride’s exact measurements are made, Ether’s team of experienced tailors will begin work on creating her stunning wedding dress. Ether is committed to using high-quality materials and exquisite sewing techniques. Each dress will be meticulously cared for to ensure absolute perfection and her satisfaction.

Step 6: Finalize the wedding dress and arrange a try-on schedule for the bride

After the wedding dress is complete, Ether will re-check and re-measure the actual dress according to the measurements taken from the bride. And schedule an appointment for the bride to try on the wedding dress directly at the store, Ether will check the dress again, see if it is complete and fit, if it needs further editing, Ether will continue to edit it for bride and make another appointment for a complete retest and to receive the dress. Actual time to have a beautiful wedding dress, complete from 30 – 45 days.

If this try in step 6 everything fits, Ether will assist in packing the product carefully and delivering it to the customer.

Step 7: Packing the product into an Ether paper box with the instructions on how to store and use the skirt

After she is satisfied with her wedding dress, Ether will pack the product into a luxurious, beautiful Ether paper box. Eher will guide you specifically on how to preserve and use the dress to ensure the most perfect wedding dress, helping them confidently shine on the big day.



Let’s come to Ether Bridal and experience premium quality ready-to-wear tailor-made services. Ether Bridal is committed to providing her with a memorable shopping experience, and the Ether team is always with her on her quest to find the perfect wedding dress.

Ether Bridal – “Your bright smile is our happiness”

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