Wedding Dress Rental Service

Ether Bridal is one of the leading bridal boutiques specializing in the Minimalism style in Da Nang. With passion and professionalism, Ether continually pursues elegant and diverse wedding dress designs, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of brides. Ether understands that finding the perfect wedding attire is a meticulous and time-consuming process. But fret not, our wedding dress rental service at Ether will help you save costs and shorten the selection time with over 300 wedding dress styles showcased at our showroom at 45B Ngo Gia Tu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.


Wedding Dress Rental Service

Ether Bridal is a brand specialized in designing wedding dresses with a minimalist and elegant style that will make both brides and grooms exceptionally elegant, sophisticated, and charming on their significant day. Ether is confident in offering brides diverse designs that accentuate their individual beauty. We not only focus on selecting beautiful and refined designs but also prioritize product quality. From fabric selection to meticulous sewing, we ensure that each wedding dress delivered to our customers is in its perfect state.

With the wedding dress rental service at Ether Bridal, instead of investing in having a wedding dress custom-made, you can rent a wedding dress that suits you at a reasonable cost. This allows you to save money for other expenses on your wedding day.

Furthermore, the wedding dress rental service also saves you time in searching and traveling to various locations to find the right wedding dress. Ether Bridal always has diverse collections of wedding dresses available for you to choose from, ranging from classic and elegant designs to modern and unique ones. We always ensure that you will find a dress that suits your personal style.

The Wedding Dress Collection 

Ether Bridal is an unmissable destination for those who adore the Minimalism style. With designs that are elegant and refined, yet not overly intricate, Ether ensures that brides become exceptionally sophisticated and alluring on their significant day. Premium materials, sophisticated tailoring techniques, and meticulous attention to detail are the top priorities for Ether, aiming to provide brides with a perfect ensemble that celebrates their natural beauty. We always prioritize selecting soft silk fabrics, delicate lace, or luxurious satin to ensure that every wedding dress exudes stunning elegance and grandeur.

Professional Advisory Team

Ether Bridal takes pride in its professional advisory team, consisting of experts with extensive knowledge in the fashion and wedding dress industry. We understand that choosing the perfect wedding attire goes beyond design and style – it also needs to complement each individual’s body shape and personal preferences.

The Ether team continuously enhances their expertise and learns about new trends. We actively listen and deeply understand your desires, providing the necessary information for you to select the fitting wedding dress for your special day. Ether will assist you in discovering suitable dress designs that celebrate your body’s beauty while concealing minor imperfections, ensuring that you feel confident and radiant in your wedding dress.

The staff team always shares and listens to customers.


Ether Bridal understands that the process of choosing a wedding dress is a significant journey and a memorable moment in your life. We are committed to accompanying you every step of the way on your quest for perfection. Contact Ether today for advice and to explore the latest wedding dress designs.

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