Felicia – Every Bride Is A Blooming Flower || ETHER BRIDAL COLLECTION 2024

The Felicia Collection by Ether takes inspiration from the gentle, sweet beauty of late autumn flowers, much like the Ether Bridal brides who exude elegance and grace while radiating their own unique charm. Through this collection, the Ether Bridal team aims to showcase the refined, sophisticated beauty that is uniquely yours—a vision they hope to share with all brides on their special day.
This collection celebrates the essence of a bride through wedding gowns designed with softness, tenderness, and sheer delicacy. As a result, brides will “discover” the graceful intricacies of embroidered lace, the gentle fall of petals, or the soft mesh veils. They will appear with an aura of purity, grace, yet irresistibly captivating to all who gaze upon them. Every gown, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, showcases elegance in every contour, offering a variety of styles including off-shoulder, sweetheart neckline, and flowing hemlines. These gowns incorporate delicate draping and intricate hand-applied detailing on premium fabrics such as organza and tulle, resulting in a plethora of subtle highlights.
Furthermore, a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary styles adds an element of sophistication, elegance, and sweetness to each bride’s appearance. The Felicia Collection promises to elicit excitement and anticipation as every bride dons these exquisite designs. The FELICIA Collection is now available at the Ether Bridal store. We encourage you to schedule a visit or message us to receive guidance and try on the latest wedding gown designs. ❤️

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