Ao Dai “Hạ Vũ” Collection 2022 | Ether Bridal

The main fabric chosen by ETHER for the “HẠ VŨ” 2022 collection of áo dài is a type of fabric woven from natural silk threads, soft and delicate, bringing a sense of lightness yet equally luxurious. This fabric is beloved by many brides for its elegant and graceful appearance.

Throughout the collection, it is evident that ETHER pays great attention to the fabric material, the silhouette, and each intricate embroidered pattern on the áo dài to highlight the beauty of both the Groom and the Bride on their significant day.

With exquisite craftsmanship and skill, every step in the design process of the “Hạ Vũ” collection is meticulously executed to enhance the shimmering and dazzling beauty, as well as the alluring charm of the wearer. The couples will truly stand out, capturing every gaze with colors such as white, gold, red, and more.

Let’s admire the gentle and irresistibly captivating beauty of the latest áo dài designs in the ETHER collection exclusively crafted for couples in the year 2022!

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