Bride’s Wedding Ring – Eternal Proof of Love

The History of Wedding Rings

First appearing in ancient Egypt, wedding rings have long been the most evident testament of love. When two individuals in love decide to marry, the wedding ring becomes a symbol representing their unconditional love. It signifies love, appreciation, and respect that the two have for each other. Every time the loving couple gazes at the ring on their finger, it reminds them of their love and the commitment they have mutually undertaken. It serves as a reminder not only of present love but also of the values and dreams they wish to build together in the future.

Significance of Wedding Rings in Marriage

Wedding rings are more than just jewelry; they carry a profound meaning of love, commitment, and unity in marriage. They are a symbol of eternal love and the vow to navigate life together, a life to share joys and sorrows.

Furthermore, wedding rings represent commitment and responsibility towards one another. When couples exchange rings, it is also a declaration to the world that “two individuals have become one, one yet two.” The wedding ring reminds the couple of their responsibilities to build a lasting and happy marriage. It symbolizes determination and the will to overcome life’s challenges, difficulties, and storms.

Bride's Wedding Ring - Eternal Proof of Love
Wedding Rings as a Testament to Love

Guidelines for Wearing Wedding Rings

1. Guidelines for Men’s Wedding Rings

– Wear on the ring finger: Wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand signifies the wearer’s married status. Men’s wedding rings are often simple and elegant, representing simplicity and commitment in marriage

– Consistently wear the ring: Men are advised to always wear their wedding ring. This demonstrates their commitment and respect for their spouse and marriage. Only during specific activities like sports or work situations that require ring removal can men consider temporarily taking off the ring.

2. Guidelines for Women’s Wedding Rings

– Wear on the ring finger: Similarly, women also typically wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand. Women’s wedding rings are often designed beautifully with intricate details and diamonds to showcase femininity and elegance.

– Respect the ring-wearing rule: A significant part of wearing the wedding ring for women is adhering to this rule and wearing the ring consistently. This displays commitment and loyalty to the husband. Only in unique cases like medical or work-related circumstances should women consider temporary removal.

Appropriate Wedding Ring Budget?

The cost of wedding rings varies depending on the material and design. Generally, the price of wedding rings depends on the material used, including gold and platinum. Gold wedding rings typically range from 4.5 to 15 million VND per pair, while platinum rings are higher in price, starting from 18 million VND per pair and above.

Apart from the material, the design and embellishments significantly affect the price of the wedding ring. Simple rings with minor diamond accents are more affordable, ranging from 5 to 10 million VND per pair. However, intricately engraved rings with elegant patterns and diamonds can cost from 15 to 20 million VND and above.

Here are some reputable and worth-referenced wedding ring brands across the country:

  1. PNJ
  2. SJC
  3. Doji Jewelry
  4. Diamond World
  5. Huy Thanh Jewelry

Considerations When Buying Wedding Rings

1. Set a budget

Before embarking on purchasing wedding rings, couples should determine an accurate budget and the maximum they can allocate for the rings. This helps limit choices within their financial means and allows them to focus on suitable options.

2. Material and style

Bride and groom should discuss the material and style they desire for their rings before making a purchase. There are various materials like gold, platinum, and different styles ranging from classic to modern. Choosing the right material and style helps express their individual personality and style.

3. Ring size

To ensure a comfortable fit, couples should measure the ring finger’s size. If necessary, they can consult with experts to ensure the perfect fit for each individual.

4. Personal significance

Brides and grooms can also add personalized touches such as personal engravings, each other’s names, or the wedding date. These details enhance the personalization and emotional value of the ring.

5. Warranty and maintenance policies

Before purchasing, couples should research the warranty and maintenance policies offered by the supplier. This helps protect the ring and ensures it remains in its best condition even after the wedding.

In Conclusion

Through this article by Ether Bridal, we hope readers have grasped the significance of wedding rings in marriage, as well as gained insight into pricing, considerations, and wearing guidelines to prepare optimally for their future wedding!

 Furthermore, if you encounter any doubts during your wedding preparation, Ether Bridal will be an excellent companion. With years of experience in the wedding attire sector, we provide the most useful advice and guidance, ensuring you will have a complete wedding tailored to your own desires.

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