Exploring 5 Traditional Wedding Rituals of Vietnamese People

Since ancient times, traditional wedding rituals in Vietnam have not only been a union of love and family bonding but also a celebration of the unique traditions and culture of the nation. From the engagement ceremony to the betrothal ceremony, from the groom’s procession to the bride’s house to the bride’s homecoming ceremony, and finally the wedding reception, each ritual carries its own story and significance.

To provide you with a deeper understanding of the traditional wedding rituals of Vietnam, Ether Bridal brings you 5 distinct and notable ceremonies. From the preparation process to the ceremonial steps, we will provide you with detailed and insightful information so that you can explore and experience the wonderful aspects of Vietnam’s wedding culture.

The first wedding ritual: ‘Lễ Dạm Ngõ’

The ‘Lễ Dạm Ngõ’ is an indispensable part of the traditional wedding rituals in Vietnam. It takes place before the wedding preparations commence and signifies the first meeting between the two families. During this ceremony, the groom’s family formally announces their intention to marry and seeks acceptance from the bride’s family.

The ‘Lễ Dạm Ngõ’ holds not only a significant role in establishing a connection between the two families but also signifies cultural connection and tradition. It conveys values and meanings of a happy marriage, reflecting the cultural richness and the importance of preserving traditions.

Nghi lễ cưới đầu tiên: Lễ dạm ngõ

The second wedding ritual: ‘Lễ ăn hỏi’

The engagement ceremony, also known as the ‘Lễ ăn hỏi’ in Vietnamese, takes place after the ‘Lễ dạm ngõ’ or the proposal ceremony. It is the next step in the preparation for the official wedding. During this ceremony, the groom’s family presents a set of gifts known as the ‘mâm quả,’ which includes fresh fruits, cakes, sweets, wine, and lucky money. The ‘mâm quả’ is meticulously arranged to showcase the thoughtfulness and respect of the groom’s family towards the bride’s family.

During the engagement ceremony, the bride usually wears traditional attire and is adorned with fresh and vibrant makeup, symbolizing her beauty and purity as a woman. The rituals and ceremonial attire in the engagement ceremony may vary based on the region and family style.

Nghi lễ thứ hai: Lễ ăn hỏi

The third wedding ritual: ‘Lễ xin dâu’

After completing the engagement ceremony, the next wedding ritual is the “Lễ xin dâu” or the Groom’s Family’s Request for Bride Ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom’s family visits the bride’s family to carry out the next steps in the wedding preparation process.

During the “Lễ xin dâu,” the bride’s family warmly welcomes the groom’s family with formality and hospitality. Represented by the groom’s parents or grandparents, the groom’s family comes to the bride’s house to formally request her hand in marriage. This occasion serves as an opportunity for the groom’s family to offer congratulations, express their commitment to the union, and seek the approval of the bride’s family before proceeding with the subsequent stages of the wedding proceedings.

Nghi lễ thứ 3: Lễ xin dâu

The fourth wedding ritual: ‘Lễ rước dâu’

The bridal procession, known as “lễ rước dâu” in Vietnamese, is typically held in the morning or noon of the wedding day. During this ceremony, the groom and his family come to the bride’s house to “fetch the bride” and bring her back to the groom’s house.

Before the bridal procession, the groom’s family usually prepares a splendid and dignified procession, adorned with flowers and wedding accessories. On top of the car, there is often a lucky bamboo and a feng shui symbol to bring luck and happiness to the couple. The groom’s family might also prepare small gifts and “lì xì” money envelopes to present to the bride’s family.

When the bridal procession arrives at the bride’s house, the bride’s family welcomes them with traditional rituals and congratulatory words. The bride gets ready by having her makeup done and putting on her beautiful wedding gown, preparing herself to leave for her husband’s home. Subsequently, the bride is escorted from her home and joins the groom in the car, getting ready to embark on their shared journey of life. The bridal procession then heads towards the groom’s house with the excitement of all those participating. This is a joyful and happy time, reflecting the sincere and celebratory spirit of both families.

Nghi lễ thứ tư: Lễ rước dâu

The fifth wedding ritual: ‘Lễ lại mặt’

The “Lễ lại mặt” ceremony, also known as the “reunion ceremony” or “face-touching ceremony,” takes place after the couple has officially married and lived together for a certain period of time. This ceremony signifies bringing the bride back to visit her family’s home where she grew up, and it marks the respect and blessings of the groom’s family towards the bride.

During the “Lễ lại mặt” ceremony, the couple visits the bride’s family, particularly her parents and important relatives. This is an occasion for the bride to return to her hometown and former home, reuniting with family members, friends, and individuals who have played significant roles in her life. This ceremony demonstrates gratitude and respect for the bride’s family and serves as a way for both families to create stronger bonds and deeper understanding of each other.

Nghi lễ thứ 5: Lễ lại mặt

Wedding ceremonies create meaningful milestones, establish connections, honor traditions, and strengthen family bonds.

At Ether Bridal, we believe that the traditional wedding ceremonies of Vietnam are an integral and cherished part of the journey to find love and happiness. These ceremonies are more than just traditional steps; they represent significant milestones, foster connections, honor heritage, and strengthen family ties.

With our dedicated and professional team, we are ready to accompany you in organizing and executing the traditional wedding ceremonies of Vietnam.

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