Modern Wedding Dress Trends: Confidently Shine With Concealed Wedding Dress

The wedding day is one of the significant events in life; therefore, choosing the perfect wedding dress is incredibly important for brides-to-be. They feel anxious about how to select a wedding dress that suits their body shape, hides their imperfections, and enhances their appearance on the most important day.

Understanding these concerns, Ether Bridal wants to present modern concealed wedding dress designs that help brides feel confident and radiant. These wedding dress designs aim to conceal body imperfections with a minimalist and elegant style that isn’t overly elaborate but still ensures the brides look extremely sophisticated and charming. The concealed wedding dress helps them become the center of attention, captivating everyone’s gaze due to the perfection of the wedding dress.

For those with a rectangular body shape

A-line or pleated wedding dresses are excellent choices for rectangular body shapes. An A-line wedding dress emphasizes the waist, and its slightly flared silhouette helps conceal any lack of curves.

Pleated wedding dresses make the bride look elegant and taller. This style of dress is often designed to flare from the waist downward, helping to hide a large belly and hips. Opting for a wedding dress with a leg slit allows brides to showcase their beautiful legs, which is an advantage for those with a rectangular body shape.

A-line and pleated wedding dress for girls with a rectangular shape

For those with an inverted triangle body shape

For a bride with an inverted triangle body shape, where the shoulders are narrower than the hips and buttocks are wider than the shoulders, a wedding dress with a V-neck and an A-line skirt is the perfect choice. The V-neck wedding dress creates a focal point and draws attention to the upper part of the body. The V-neck helps elongate the body and makes the shoulders appear broader. The A-line wedding dress with a wide, flared skirt below the hips will help create balance for the narrow shoulder part of the body.

V-neck wedding dress for girls with an inverted triangle figure

For those with an hourglass figure

It can be said that the hourglass figure is the most desired body shape for any bride. However, in order to showcase the ideal figure and slender waist, Ether suggests that brides should choose mermaid-style dresses and sweetheart neckline dresses.

The mermaid-style wedding dress is a perfect combination of sensuality and elegance. The upper part of the dress fits snugly around the chest and waist, creating an S-shaped silhouette that highlights the alluring curves of the body. The slit from the knee downwards adds flair to the bride’s steps.

The sweetheart neckline dress creates a beautiful focal point for the chest area, enhancing the bride’s bust and face. Brides can choose sweetheart neckline dresses with straight horizontal cuts, off-shoulder styles, and more to create a unique style.

Mermaid tail wedding dress, sweetheart neckline dress designed for ladies with an hourglass figure

For those with an apple-shaped figure

Possessing a rounded, plump body, you need not worry. Ether suggests a wedding dress with a V-neckline, which will help you appear more slender. A V-neck wedding dress helps create a streamlined look for the neck area and adds a subtle focal point. The V-shaped neckline extends from the shoulders down to the chest, creating a visual elongation and making the body look more slender.

In addition, the wedding dresses with U-shaped necklines feature different details and designs such as lace, floral patterns, or embellishments to add richness and allure to the dress. These designs highlight the strong points of your figure while concealing the areas you prefer not to showcase.A V-neck wedding dress model for those with an apple-shaped figure

A V-neck wedding dress model for those with an apple-shaped figure

For those with a pear-shaped body

For brides with a pear-shaped body, also known as a triangular shape because the hips are larger than the bust, with narrow shoulders. For this body type, you should choose dresses with designs that feature shoulders and puffed sleeves. Dresses with puffed sleeves will help conceal narrow shoulders and create a more balanced look. Don’t hesitate to show off your alluring hips with a mermaid or trumpet-style dress.

Wedding dress designs with shoulders, puffed sleeves, mermaid or trumpet skirts for those with a pear-shaped body


The attire at Ether Bridal is all chosen from premium materials, diverse and meticulously invested in every small detail of the concealed wedding dress, helping brides become the most beautiful, radiant, and confident on their significant day. Ether always accompanies brides to create a wedding dress that suits their body shape and can conceal their imperfections, which is crucial on the wedding day. Contact us for advice on a wedding dress that suits your body shape.

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