Outstanding With Modern And Elegant Wedding Day Makeup Style

On the wedding day, in addition to the glamorous wedding dress and accessories, makeup is also a factor that catches everyone’s eye. Every bride wants to be the most special thing on the big day of her life, so the wedding makeup is not just about beauty, it is also a way to express each person’s personality. Let’s join Ether Bridal to learn about the modern and elegant wedding makeup style that you love in this article.

Elegant makeup style  

Elegant makeup is a modern makeup trend that has been popular with brides in recent times. It is a style that emphasizes natural beauty, brightness, and highlights the details on the face, so the bride only needs a thin layer of background that gives a bright and natural feeling, gentle pink cheeks, and a beautiful appearance. The emphasis in the makeup is the bright eyes that give the viewer a sense of brilliance and naivety, making the brides look gentle and soft. With different stylish makeup styles, each bride will bring herself a unique beauty that nobody else looks like The choice of elegant makeup not only makes the bride the focus of her great day, but also makes her the most beautiful princess in her heart.

Elegant modern makeup style

Elegant makeup style with orange tone

If you’re a girl who likes lightness and delicacy but still wants to stand out, orange-tone makeup is the perfect choice. The light, thin background has always been the preference for elegant modern makeup styles, using orange earth for the eyes to add charm and highlighting lips with orange or bright coral pink. The orange tone gives the bride a gentle and delicate appearance. With warm orange tones, the bride not only exhibits tender, bright lines but also becomes sexy and charming, highlighting her unique beauty. That makes the bride confident and bright on her happy day.

Delicate orange tone makeup style 

Elegant makeup style with pink tones 

Isn’t the orange-tone makeup style your favorite? It’s all right, let’s go with Ether and learn more about the gentle but equally lovely pink-tone makeup style. The pink-tone makeup style is not only suitable for romantic or dreamy girls but also for active girls. Along with a light, natural, thin background and shy pink cheeks, the eyes are decorated with a little peach pollen that gives you the feeling that you’re both sweet and naive, and that your guy wants to love you forever.

The rhythm and the style makeup tone pink

Makeup service at Ether Bridal

If you’re still choosing where to send your beauty on your big day, then Ether Bridal is a brand you shouldn’t miss. As a brand of wedding dresses with many years of experience, Ether Bridal not only offers wedding dress service but also services such as makeup, wedding photography and other services. The team is professional, fun, always listening, sharing and creating a sense of comfort for customers. The staff at Ether Bridal are always enthusiastic and learning new things, and we’re constantly creative to bring different colours to each Ether bride.

 Ether’s team is always passionate about sharing and creating comfort for our customers.

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