Choosing attire for the groom might seem simple, but it can consume a significant amount of time for couples. Especially when it comes to selecting a stylish suit that complements the groom’s physique and style, the task can be quite challenging. Let Ether Bridal provide some insights for grooms on how to choose the perfect wedding suit to add that extra touch of completeness to their special day.

1. The wedding vest should match the wedding style.

On this special day, selecting the appropriate attire is a crucial factor that contributes to an atmosphere of elegance and completeness for the ceremony. Among the wedding attire collection, wedding suits stand out as a perfect choice for grooms with their sophisticated and elegant demeanor. However, choosing a wedding suit also needs to align with the wedding style to create harmony and make a strong impression on attendees.

For a traditionally elegant wedding, a subtly intertwined classic wedding suit would be an excellent choice. Black or gray suits are popular options, enhancing the groom’s refinement and masculinity. Paired with a tie and a white dress shirt, the groom will shine with a graceful presence that harmonizes with the wedding ambiance.

In the case of a modern wedding style, grooms can experiment with unconventional suit designs. Light blue or khaki suits can showcase the groom’s youthful and unique style. They can be paired with collarless dress shirts or even skip the tie, highlighting freedom and individuality. Unique details like cufflinks, buttons, or patterns on the suit can further enhance the suit’s creativity, leaving a lasting impression on the occasion.

Mẫu Vest Kaki (khaki)
Khaki Suit Design

2. The Fabric of the Vest Depends on the Wedding Season

The second consideration not to be overlooked is the timing of the wedding. Choosing a wedding suit material that suits the weather will ensure your comfort throughout the ceremony.

For weddings held in the summer, grooms should prioritize suits made from breathable, sweat-wicking, and comfortable materials for ease of movement. Fabrics like khaki, cotton, linen, and seersucker are excellent options to consider.

For winter weddings, grooms should prioritize suits that offer warmth and good insulation. Fabrics like wool, wool blends, or sheepskin can help keep the body warm throughout the event.

3. Choosing the Right Dress Shirt for the Wedding Vest

At first glance, it might seem unrelated, but choosing the right dress shirt is one of the crucial factors that highlights the sophistication of the wedding suit. Grooms should select a dress shirt that fits properly, neither too loose nor too tight. In terms of color and pattern, grooms should prioritize solid, light colors such as white, light blue, or pale yellow. Alternatively, shirts with subtle stripes or small checks can create a harmonious feel.

Lựa chọn áo sơ mi phù hợp với vest cưới giúp chú rể trở nên lịch lãm hơn
Selecting a dress shirt that complements the wedding suit enhances the groom’s elegance.

4. Achieving Harmony Between the Groom’s Vest and the Bride’s Dress

Selecting a wedding suit that fits the wedding concept is essential, but don’t overlook the harmony between the groom’s suit and the bride’s wedding dress. Carefully consider the color, patterns, and accessories that the bride will be wearing to choose a suitable wedding suit.

Also, remember that the groom’s suit should not overshadow the bride’s dress. Choose a suit that is elegant and not overly flashy, ensuring that the bride remains the focal point on this significant day. Opt for a refined suit that doesn’t outshine other guests at the event. Prioritize a suit with subtle beauty that isn’t overly elaborate, while also avoiding overly somber colors.

5. Coordinating Accessories for a Harmonious Wedding Vest Look

Accessories play a decisive role in whether the groom’s wedding suit is truly perfect or not, accounting for 50% of the overall effect. Therefore, choose accessories including shoes, neckties or bowties, watches, and boutonnieres to be elegantly coordinated.

Kết hợp phụ kiện sao cho hài hòa với vest cưới

6. Choosing the Right Place for Renting or Tailoring the Wedding Vest

Amidst the plethora of options for groom attire, Ether Bridal – a wedding attire brand with years of experience, is an unmissable destination. Here, couples will be immersed in a collection of groom outfits, featuring diverse designs and styles that lead the trends. This will ensure that you stand out in your unique way without worrying about being outdated.

Moreover, our advisory team will listen attentively to your desires and story, transforming you into a sophisticated and refined prince charming in your own fairy tale, alongside your bride. Let Ether Bridal be your companion on the journey to open the doors of a new chapter in the mansion of love – marriage.

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